I am in this place, which sometimes seems to be hell, sometimes paradise. Today it is the latter. Thank you God for putting me on the path to forest today to find fields of bear garlic!

Bear garlic / Ramsløk / Czosnek niedźwiedzi / Bärlauch is a very aromatic plant with strong garlic taste and strong, I dare to say addictive, aroma.

Bear garlic pesto
Bear garlic pesto

And so below a bear garlic pesto recipe:

  • 15 bear garlic leaves, can be with flowers
  • big jar
Clean the bear garlic by putting it into a cold water bath and let it stay there for a while. After that shake the leaves and take them out on a sieve. Spray with cold water and move to a clean big jar.
  • 30 pistachios
  • small piece of Parmesan
Grate pistachios with a rotating grater so it is easier to blend everything in blender. Grate Parmesan.
  • 1 glass olive oil
  • 1 tsp Himalayan salt
 Slowly add olive oil into the jar with pistachios and Parmesan blending until smooth or as long as you feel appropriate. Add salt to taste. Move to a glass jar and hide in cold place.
Idea for serving: pasta with pesto!
  • Servings: ~30
  • Healthy: 10
  • Difficulty: simple
  • Time: 10 minutes
  • Storage: keep in cold (don’t yet know how long it can last)

About Bear garlic

The whole plant is edible, flowers too. It grows in very wet beds in forests. In some countries it is under strict protection, like in Poland. That is why it is so amazingly beautiful to pick it here. Ave Norway!

Bear garlic in the forest
Bear garlic in the forest

Poisonous mistake

Who doesn’t love Lilly of the valley / Konwalia / Liljekonval? It smells great but it is not to be eaten. Bear garlic can unfortunately be mistaken with it and it’s very poisonous mistake.

All parts of Lilly of the valley are poisonous

Recognizing between the both is easy though:

  • Lilly of the valley has pink stick (pink bottom of the plant).
    All Bear garlic picked should be collected with sticks (bottoms) on one side and if there is anything pink among them then that one is to be discarded. All sticks should be white-greenish.
  • Bear garlic stick’s edges are sharp like paper, Lilly of the valley stick is round.
  • Bear garlic leaves go out from the forest bed while Lilly of the valley leaves go out 2 from middle of its stick.

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