Coffee cashew cake

Coffee cashew cake topped with figs

I went one day to Machina Organika and ate a coffee cashew cake there – yum! Started searching for cashew cake recipes all over internet and made already 3 variations. So there it is – my own tested variation ­čÖé┬áIt must be┬átasty┬ásince already 5 people want the recipe, mmm.

Coffee cashewcake
Coffee cashew cake topped with thai basil flower

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Lemon honey mixture

Woo, ooh! This one gives an energizing kick! Is great when:

  • having a cold,
  • being tired or
  • for friendly tea.

It is super simple and delicious. You make it once and is ready to be used without lemons’ mess for weeks on. Just remember to store in cold place.

lemon honey mixture
Lemon honey mixture

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