Chili-ginger paste

This is my best paste so far. It is very hot and salty. Saltiness milds within time. It is kind of luxurious paste with all the goodies. It has huge amount of anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties [1]. It never goes bad in room temperature – I have still jars from 2 years ago. I even had one jar which was not properly closed – it evaporated some water, the contents dried, but didn’t go bad either. Still the paste was yummy.

It is a true time-saver. I use it in:

  • mussels sause
  • cooked cabbage – a dear Japanese friend told me it tasted as if I added miso 🙂
  • kale dishes
  • it adds hint of hotness to soups
  • on bread slices
  • in warm milk with honey when being sick
Jar using fennel or wipe out edges

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Jamming oranges

Skinless oranges sweetened with dates and jammed turned out delicious. The orange jars clicked and are already resting in cool darkness. Even though no sugar added it’s the best sweet-sour deliciousness!

Skinless orange jam sweetened with dates
Skinless orange jam sweetened with dates

I found the oranges during my lunch break in Turkish / Pakistani shop downstairs – couldn’t resist them, and the price – they must have just came from Spain or Portugal to the troll country. So firm and tasty, yummy! It took me 2 days to carry 2 bagpacks home…

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