Horseradish paste (crying strong)

Ok, you will cry. From cleaned sinuses and throat!

The paste goes great with grilled veggies, or meat. If you add more liquidy cream it can be used as a dip.

horseradish paste
horseradish paste
  • 3 big horseradish roots
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice
  • 4 tbsp thick cream
  • salt for taste
Clean horseradish, peel it, grate it using small grater holes. Add lemon juice and cream. Mix well and flavor with a hint of salt.
  • Servings: ~15
  • Healthy: 10 (all raw)
  • Difficulty: easy peasy
  • Time: 15 minutes
  • Storage: 1 week in cold

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Bear garlic pesto

I am in this place, which sometimes seems to be hell, sometimes paradise. Today it is the latter. Thank you God for putting me on the path to forest today to find fields of bear garlic!

Bear garlic / Ramsløk / Czosnek niedźwiedzi / Bärlauch is a very aromatic plant with strong garlic taste and strong, I dare to say addictive, aroma.

Bear garlic pesto
Bear garlic pesto

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Chili-ginger paste

This is my best paste so far. It is very hot and salty. Saltiness milds within time. It is kind of luxurious paste with all the goodies. It has huge amount of anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties [1]. It never goes bad in room temperature – I have still jars from 2 years ago. I even had one jar which was not properly closed – it evaporated some water, the contents dried, but didn’t go bad either. Still the paste was yummy.

It is a true time-saver. I use it in:

  • mussels sause
  • cooked cabbage – a dear Japanese friend told me it tasted as if I added miso 🙂
  • kale dishes
  • it adds hint of hotness to soups
  • on bread slices
  • in warm milk with honey when being sick
Jar using fennel or wipe out edges

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