Deliciousness! You might have tried using coconut milk from shop but this one does not taste anything like it. It is very sweet and flavorful. You will love it!

coconut milk or paste
coconut thick paste

  • coconut
  • a hammer, knife
Open coconut: Hammer coconut until it has a hole, gently pour its water into a bowl. Then hammer a circle around coconut. Cut through it using a knife so that top opens.
  • ¬†spoon
Take the coconut meat out: Using a spoon take out the delicious flesh into a jar. If you want a very white coconut milk/paste you need to get rid of the brown skin parts.
  • jar, blender
Blend the flesh: Add coconut water until desired consistency: if more you will get milk consistency, if less – a paste. Blend well.
You can use it for dessert – it is very sweet! Or in a thai-inspired sauce or soup.
  • Servings: depends for what
  • Healthy: 10
  • Difficulty: simple
  • Time: 15 minutes
  • Storage: not sure




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