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dried stinging needle
Dried stinging needle – excellent for tea

I want only to mention that most of the drying methods described in guides nowadays bleed either money (for drying equipment), or electricity (costly equipment needs power), or tools (special hangers), or time and preparation.

So what is described here is the old-school way, the grandma “do it and forget it” way 🙂 And let all grandmas live long and happy, yay!

Ingredients Steps
  • bunch of clean herbs picked during a sunny day from a clean place (far away from pollution)
Take a look at your herbs and clean them manually if there are any visible spider nets or unwanted forest creatures. Rest bugs will leave the herbs/flowers within first day of drying. Remember: don’t clean your herbs with water. Tie endings with a string – like a bouquet. Hang the herby bouquet turned upside down over a shady window. Open the window from time to time so there is ventilation.Take them down after some time, like few weeks, when they are crunchy dry and put with care into a glass jar to enjoy in the winter.

Operate normally around your in-drying-process herbs – even if somebody sneezes on your herbs nobody will die – you will anyway cook/boil/make a tea from them later.


Stinging needle dried
Stinging needle dried

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