Cottage cheese is something you can easily make at home.

Delight your family with a home made delicacy, which is nowhere to be bought and totally your own invention 🙂

Cottage cheese before cream
Cottage cheese before cream

  • sour not pasteurized milk (or yogurt, or kefir)
  • pot, strainer
Plain white cheese: Pour the sour milk into pot, heat slowly, stir when convenient (cheese is very forgiving). When it boils for a moment take off the heat. When cheese drops to the bottom and while still warm pour everything over a strainer. Put the strainer with cheese back onto the pot, cover with a lid and let it cool down. You made your cheese!
  • cream (best sour)
  • Himalayan or sea salt
  • freshly ground pepper
  • your favorite spice mix!
Cottage cheese: Put the cheese, salt, pepper and spices into a jar. Add cream bit by bit and mix until desired consistency.
Serve with bread, hot potatoes, next to a salad or as a dip (but then add one more spoon of cream). And the white cheese you can use for making an awesome cheese cake. Enjoy!
  • Servings: 10 small portions
  • Healthy: 8 (we cooked some goodness out)
  • Difficulty: easy peasy
  • Time: 10 minutes
  • Cooling time: 1h



Cheese is best done from older non pasteurized milk – the sour the better. So whenever your sour milk looks like it is too bubbly to bubble more, maybe starts to be somewhat smelly on top – that’s the time to make delicious cheese: take off the smelly top and cheese it!

Big pieces of cheese

The size of cheese pieces vary. It has to do with milk quality and how sour it is, also how it became sour. It has something to do with the bacteria cultures that make the sour milk (or kefir, or yogurt). But also it has something to do with how long the cheese is cooked and in what temperature.

You might get small pieces in the beginning and that’s fine, you will get a grip on it later on.

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