Heavy metal in this article is a metal with high density that is considered harmful to living organisms, those are described in here.

Once I was exposed to mercury I swallowed a lot of articles on how to get rid of heavy metals from body – it was an awesome journey. I think I was missing out on the knowledge 🙂 Now I actually understand how Japanese people are healthy even though they eat plastic wrapped take-outs, a lot of tuna and work like crazy.

Anyhow below is a fun and healthy recipe that should help and can be a regular part of diet regardless of heavy metals 🙂

Apple chlorella salad with physialis, hazelnuts and avocado, jarred

Apple chlorella salad with physialis, hazelnuts and avocado, jarred

Bolded is basic recipe, which you can modify by adding more fruits, nuts, oils, green leaves as you please or as suggested (no bold there).

  • fruits (a lot): apples, bananas and/or avocados
  • 1tsp chlorella powder, 1tsp wheat grass powder
Cut fruits into glass bowl. Spread chlorella over them, optionally other powders you like.
  • nuts (some): hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, hemp seeds
  • fruits with sour flavor (a bit): physialis, oranges
Top with crushed nuts and hemp. Top with pieces of soury fruits – specially if you added bananas and avocados.
  • oil: unfiltered olive oil, hemp oil, pumpkin seed oil, buckthorn oil
  • lemon juice or balsamic
  • pieces of green leaves like mint, basil and coconut flakes
Pour over everything lemon juice/balsamic and then oil(s). Drop green leaves and coconut flakes on top if you have some.
This is delish, healthy and you can jar it for work!
  • Servings: 1-2
  • Healthy: 10 (raw)
  • Difficulty: simple
  • Time: 15 minutes
  • Storage: 1d (never tried longer)


Apple chlorella salad varieties

Apple chlorella salad variations over time

Heavy metal detox diet basics

In general if you want to get rid of heavy metals you can try this:

  • drink every day tea from coriander seeds – this will take heavy metals stored in your body out into your blood system
    start with only few seeds, then increase and see how you feel – if your joints and bones hurt, drop the amount
  • incorporate chlorella into your diet
    for example by making the delicious salad
  • you should include a lot of raw apples into your diet
    pectins in apples are great for detox, also for detox after radiation

This will help as well:streaming Inayathalam film

  • eat porridge
    pour hot water over oat flakes, eat every morning, best without additives
  • drink sea-buckthorn juices, jams or include its oil in diet
  • read a lot about what can help you in old books, in forums, personal blogs!
    rather stay away from wiki for tips about medicinal values of food, plants, mushrooms, herbs or spices :/

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