Ok, you will cry. From cleaned sinuses and throat!

The paste goes great with grilled veggies, or meat. If you add more liquidy cream it can be used as a dip.

horseradish paste
horseradish paste
  • 3 big horseradish roots
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice
  • 4 tbsp thick cream
  • salt for taste
Clean horseradish, peel it, grate it using small grater holes. Add lemon juice and cream. Mix well and flavor with a hint of salt.
  • Servings: ~15
  • Healthy: 10 (all raw)
  • Difficulty: easy peasy
  • Time: 15 minutes
  • Storage: 1 week in cold

Choose spicy, healthy horseradish

These days horseradish can be very mild, it can have no flavor and be like paper. Avoid horseradish wrapped in plastic or one that looks or smells like it has mold starting up on it.

Best use horseradish taken out of ground and sold in a market place along with apples and other goodies from countryside. If it has tiny leaves that is fine.

horseradish root
horseradish root

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