Skinless oranges sweetened with dates and jammed turned out delicious. The orange jars clicked and are already resting in cool darkness. Even though no sugar added it’s the best sweet-sour deliciousness!

Skinless orange jam sweetened with dates
Skinless orange jam sweetened with dates

I found the oranges during my lunch break in Turkish / Pakistani shop downstairs – couldn’t resist them, and the price – they must have just came from Spain or Portugal to the troll country. So firm and tasty, yummy! It took me 2 days to carry 2 bagpacks home…

Ingredients: Steps:
  • 30 dates
Smoothen the dates: Take seeds out from the dates. Put dates in a big glass jar and pour hot water over them so they smoothen.
  • 20 small jars
  • huge pot (no 1)
  • cloth
Sterilize the jars: Put a cloth on bottom of a huge pot, then put all your jars in it, pour water over them and cook for 10 minutes while you are proceeding with rest of the recipe. Then turn off the heat and take out the jars on a clean cloth (you can use two wooden spoons to take them out if they’re hot or wait some time).
  • 30 firm and juicy oranges
Clean oranges in a warm water bath with a brush (smell is precious!) and peel the oranges. Then slice them into small chunks.
Blend the dates: Don’t pour water out from the jar with dates and blend them. You can use blender or a fork, or a tool of your choice – it should be easy peasy.
  • 2 small lemons
Juice the lemons: Remember to take the seeds out from the juice.
  • huge pot (no 2) for the jam
Cooking: Pour cut chunks of oranges into the huge pot nr 2 – do not add any water. Turn the heat on (not the highest! it will burn on bottom). Add the dates. Add the lemon juice. Boil on small heat for 30 minutes with cover, simmering from time to time.
Gel the jam: After 30 minutes increase heat to maximum and now you have to stand over the pot constantly for 15 minutes simmering, so that bottom does not burn and a lot of water evaporates. When you think you have desired consistency you can turn the heat off. If you boil the jam longer and using higher heat it will change color, will become darker – some people do that on purpose.
Jar the jam: Pour the jam into your jars (best using a funnel) leaving some 1,5-2 cm space under the cap. Make sure there is no jam where the cap should go (clean it with wet cloth if needed). Close the caps without force, gently – they should be closed properly but light. If you close your caps too firmly they might not click.
Sterilize the jared jams: Now the fun begins. Into the first pot (with the cloth still on bottom) put jars with the same height (or until where the jam has same height) so that they do not touch each other, the walls and the bottom. If the pot is too small, do it in several batches. Pour water until where the jam finishes in the jars. Turn the heat on, boil for 30 minutes.Take out the jars and put in a cool place and enjoy hearing how they “click” one after another :)When all jars cooled down, and you didn’t count the clicks, you can check each jar if it “caught” itself by clicking with your nail on top of the cap – if you hear high sound (the cap folds inside the jar) it means there is proper pressure inside and the jar is well closed for winter. If not, then it means it did not caught itself. You can try cooking it again or just eat it within a week.In a properly cooked jam you will see small bubbles. If you don’t see them it means the jam inside did not boil in the jars. They can still catch though. If they don’t there is a good chance they will go bad. 
  • Servings: 60
  • Healthy: 7
  • Prep time: 1 hour
    Cook time: 45 mins
    Sterilizing: ~30 mins
    Total time: ~2,5 h
  • Difficulty: challenging (being sterile is key)


orange jam steps
Orange jam steps

Was it yummy? 🙂 I am already planning a sweet cream + chocolate + orange mouse dessert in the winter mmmmm.

Burned the bottom?

Do not worry! You can still rescue the jam.

If the bottom burns while you are cooking the jam, you need to take it out from the pot without scratching the bottom, best by pouring everything out, clean the pot thoroughly until it is shiny clean and pouring the oranges back inside.


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