This is such an easy peasy and has only 4 ingredients. If left in room temperature it sours (ferments) to give you boost of many needed vitamins – OMG soooo many!

You can make delicious soup or sauce within minutes using this mix. This mix has a really strong taste. No taste cubes needed anymore, no artificial seasoning – only pure veggy health.

Leek soup mix before pressing
Leek soup mix before pressing

I use it as base for:

  • soups
  • sauces
  • as mussels base


  • 2 jars 0.5l with caps
Clean jars and caps with running water.
  • 0.9 kg leeks
  • 0.1 kg carrots
  • 3 tbsp dried bear garlic
  • 0.1 kg Himalayan or sea salt
Cut leeks into slices and grate carrots. Put them in a big bowl. Spread salt over them, then bear garlic. Mix. Stuff mixture into jars. Press veggies in jars with a strong fist so that a lot of juice shows up on top. Then add rest veggies to fill jars until they are full. Press again until there is a lot of juice. Close the jars. Serve immediately or after it sours.
Souring: If you aim at souring close the jars very light (so there is exchange of air and bacteria can do the magic). After 2 days open the jars (you will see the mix bubbles – that’s a great sign!) and press the veggies like we did earlier. Then repeat the same after 2 days. Now you can close the jars tightly forever.
We do the pressing to get rid of air 🙂 Bacteria souring the mix are non-oxygen bacteria (anaerob). If oxygen is left it will not help to sour the mix.
  • Servings: ~12
  • Healthy: 10 (all raw, healthy salt added) – 11 (soured to enhance vitamin portfolio)
  • Difficulty: easy peasy
  • Time: 15 minutes
  • Waste: 0
  • Storage: in room temperature, forever (so that it sours)


It IS smelly

The mix has such strong smell that after cleaning the jar, or even drying it for weeks, the smell will still be “attached” to the jar. Also if you leave it in the living room it might intrigue, to say the least, your guests. Just sayin.

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