Woo, ooh! This one gives an energizing kick! Is great when:

  • having a cold,
  • being tired or
  • for friendly tea.

It is super simple and delicious. You make it once and is ready to be used without lemons’ mess for weeks on. Just remember to store in cold place.

lemon honey mixture
Lemon honey mixture

  • 5 lemons
Peel and cut lemons into pieces. Put into a jar.
  • 5 tbsp honey
Add honey and mix.
  • generous piece of fresh ginger (5cm x 1 cm)
Peel, clean and grate ginger, then add to the mixture and mix.
You are so done now – good job 😀 Now take a spoon!
  • Servings: ~30
  • Healthy: 10 (raw)
  • Difficulty: easy peasy
  • Time: 15 minutes
  • Storage: in a glass jar, in a cold, dark place, for 4 weeks*

* if you always use a clean spoon to take it out (if you put a licked spoon in it you will contaminate the mixture with bacteria and mold)

Honey of your choice

In terms of anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties the best honey is Honeydew or Fagopyrum honey [1].

Definitely buy honey from local bee keeper, go to a local market, see if the honey crystallized – if it doesn’t don’t buy it. The older honey the better – the bee enzymes had more time to work in it, had broken the sugars and advanced honey goodness.

If you see a label “produced in EU and outside EU” don’t buy it! First of all if it has label then it is not from local bee keeper: was probably stored in too warm temperature and facing light. If that’s your only option read how honey from EU is mixed with Chinese chemical honey and don’t buy it anyway.

Vegan or non-vegan

I met recently with opinion that using honey makes the meal non-vegan. Don’t want to quarrel about it but I have a question: the honeydew honey is made by bees who use aphids to produce honeydew for them, ants also “farm” aphids. They “plant” aphids on  plants they would like them to produce honeydew from. Then bees steal honeydew from aphids (ants actually “milk” aphids), then we people steal honey from the bees. Isn’t this pure nature and aren’t we part of it?

I think that people are “using” bees responsibly. You have to love bees to keep them, otherwise it’s not going to work. You have to travel with them to the best fields, pay for not spraying the fields, care for them, listen to them, good bee keeper will understand even if new queen needs a home. Isn’t such harmony what nature is all about? Besides look around at how many fights are going on now for the wellbeing of bees and insects, not only kept ones.


There is a story of an old man who lived very, very long and his secret for longevity was making every evening, or 2 days before, a drink for next morning which was essentially this mixture plus cold water. He drank it and drunk it, and could not die. He didn’t have ginger in it though. Anyway something to think about 🙂

Lemon peels like a perfume

Put them into a nice looking, large jar or vase, pour hot water over them. Put in living room and enjoy the smell for hours on. Mmmmmmmm, you have the very precious lemon oil escaping lemon peels right there!


[1] Pszczoly i ludzie (Bees and people), Irena Gumowska

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