Oh My. Sour Cabbage. It is the cheapest, easiest, lowest amount of ingredients, no-waste recipe. It is the healthiest raw, vegan meal, enriched by good bacteria in super easy to digest and absorb Vitamin C. You will not find anything like it on pharmacy shelfs – that’s for certain. And as if that is not enough: you can store it forever in room temperature. Amazing, right? Let’s go then 😀

Sour cabbage: before and after a month
Sour cabbage: before and after a month

Note note note

Souring cabbage is a very messy and fun process. Cabbage has the wonderful ability to fly long distances away from where it was supposed to land. Therefore before you start make sure all surfaces near, and all around, your working place are clean. For great results do not put into jar any pieces from places left uncleaned before.

Flying cabbage
Flying cabbage

Also make sure you have access to running water.

Running water
Running water

Let’s do it!

  • 3 liter jar, suitably wide fennel
  • big slicer or food processor
  • huge bowl or pot
Clean all surfaces near your workplace and all tools. Clean the jar and its cover. Clean your hands well.
  •  3-4 small, firm cabbages
  • 3-4 carrots
Clean veggies: Clean cabbages by removing all awkwardly looking, or not firm, or molded parts of cabbage. Put snails away. Also get rid of leafs with many black dots. You can slice through cabbages and cut everything you don’t like. The only parts that should stay should be very firm. After aaall the cleaning, your sink, or trash bin, will be full with cabbage leafs – that’s expected. Clean carrots by peeling them, cut any black spots.
Grate veggies: Food processor version: cut through cabbage to get 2 cm slices, then slice them in food processor to get small pieces, grate carrots. move all to a huge bowl. Big slicer version: in a huge bowl slice cabbages as they are, same with carrots.
  •  Himalayan or sea salt
Mix: In a huge bowl for every 2 fists of cabbage-carrot mix put 1 tea spoon of salt. Mix with clean hands. Veggies should now start releasing juice.
Press initially: Move 2 fists of salted cabbage mix into your jar using fennel to ease your work. Push and press with your fist very thoroughly so that some juice shows up. Repeat this step until your jar is full, veggies are super tight and are swimming in juice on top. There should be no air gaps in your pressed veggies at this stage. I add half spoon of salt on top now, not mandatory though.
Press twice more: Screw the jar suuuuper light my friend or put the cap on top without screwing. Leave it in room temperature for 2 days. After that time open jar and press everything again with clean fist very thoroughly so that a lot of juice shows up. You will notice it starts to be bubbly. Wait another 2 days and repeat the pressing. It will be even more bubbly. Now you can close the jar normally, does not have to be very strongly though, put it in colder place and wait a month.
Your cabbage should smell wonderfully after that time, juice should be to die for and deliciously sour! Oh My, I need to eat some.
  • Servings: ~30
  • Healthy: 11 (enhanced in vitamins by good bacteria)
  • Difficulty: simple
  • Time: active 30 minutes, inactive 1 month
  • Storage: in colder than room temperature forever; if you don’t have a colder place put it on the floor at least
  • Waste: 0

Can sour cabbage go bad?

Either when:

  • you do not have enough liquid to cover your cabbage
  • you are not hygienic, for instance you put a dirty feet into the jar

In such case it is going to get moldy on top and you should throw your cabbage to garbage – sorry!

Don’t underestimate the fennel

You will know why when you try to stuff the jar with all the veggies… 🙂

My cabbage is not bubbly?

It means usually your room is too cold. Or maybe there was not enough salt and mold takes over. Repeat the pressing in 2 more days to see if it goes as expected. If not just wait a month.

Your hands might need softening now

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