The most delicious, thick in consistency, melting in your mouth sour cream is here! Thanks to my dear friend Sasha who motivated me to write the post.

sour cream homemade
sour cream homemade

You probably notice that sour cream from shop is not really anything like a raw sour cream from a farmer. So this recipe is converting sweet cream (can be pasteurized) into sour cream which tastes just like a raw one!

  • half a cup raw sour cream* or more
  • 750 ml sweet cream, can be pasteurized
  • 1 liter jar with cap
Put the sweet cream out of fridge for 1 hour so it is warmer. Next transfer cup of sweet cream and half a cup sour cream into the 1 litter jar. Mix real well. Add rest of sweet cream and mix again. Cover the jar with cap and move it into a warm place (for example a heater) for 1 day. Then for one day keep it in room temperature. After that time check if the cream is sour and tasty. It’s consistency should be very thick. Store it in fridge or other cool place.
Ready! You can use it in a dessert, sauce, soup. If you have dry, damaged skin (like hands or elbows) you can apply it there too – will heal your skin.
  • Servings: ~30
  • Healthy: 8
  • Difficultyeasy peasy 
  • Time: 5 minutes + 2 days waiting time
  • Storage: 2 weeks in cold (remember to take it out with clean spoon every time)

*  from not pasteurised milk and without additives – it needs to be pure sour cream from a farmer with original, healthy bacteria cultures

sour cream making
sour cream making

Why this cream is better than sour cream from shop?

First the taste is much better. It is very similar to the original sour cream.

It is cheaper. At least in Norway it is cheaper where raw sour cream costs a fortune but sweet pasteurized cream costs a lot less.

It is healthier. No additives, no preservatives, no processing, no corn starch, xanthan gum and other lost companions. There is no waste even in energy – you don’t even have to use your muscles.

Not convinced?

Go to a shop close by and see label of sour creams:

  • they are processed (pasteurized or homogenized, or UHT – that means original good bacteria dies)
  • with added additives (“modified corn starch” – what are you doing in my cream?)
  • sometimes with preservatives (chemicals)
  • added bacteria having funny taste (did you, bacteria, come from a lab?)

Without processing and additives sour cream is so much more tasty!

Still not convinced

“Blessed are those who don’t see and believe” someone said. I say there is no harm in trying and tasting for yourself 🙂 Kisses!

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