There are many types of salt. Some of them will give you a lot of saltiness, some won’t. Some of them are healthy because of minerals they contain, some not.


The typical manufactured salt, iodized, it not salty. You have to add 3 spoons instead of 1 spoon of Himalayan or sea salt. Consider having the latter in your kitchen.


Commertially made salt can contain a lot of chemicals. Most of them are  anti-cacking agents, for example:

Always read label on your salt. Or better buy salt which is simply caked or not yet powdered.

Healthy salt

Himalayan salt contains some 500 minerals. Sea salt less but also many. Those minerals are crucial for our functioning. We do not really need to eat salt for its saltiness but for the minerals.

Blood pressure

Some people have high blood pressure and it is advised for them not to eat salt as salt is considered to be raising pressure. Well this one I cannot confirm cause I never had this problem, neither I know anyone with this problem. However I know people who have demineralized themselves – have shaky hands or heart palpitations. Definitely some mineral salt for them.

Fast food

The most amount of NaCl people are consuming with fast-food and processed food. That salt does not contain anything beneficial. It should be named “blood pressure problems on a plate” 😐


We use salt in everything (even chocolate!) but perhaps the best method of using it is preserving vegetables by souring them – by enriching them with vitamins produced by bacteria who thrive in salty environment, leaving all other types of bacteria behind.

Nature’s a genius

Think about it! Nature could not leave us with better method of preserving food. In ancient times people could go to sea to pick some salty water, cover veggies with it and have all saved safe and sound for winter 🙂 Genius!

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